101 goals in 1001 days 3.0

1001 days 101 goals 3.0

From Thursday, February 10, 2022

Added 1001 days

The above date is a year to the day that I was on my deathbed in the ICU

Result: Thursday, November 7, 2024

 so this is the third attempt I've had with this I've enjoyed them each time it felt like my list got Detailed in some form or another whether it was my first attempt it was kind of half-assed I'd even come up with a list of 101 goals there's only like 50 so this one the 2.0 was at least 101 goals and yeah I will work on refining this and come up with more things

Carry over 12 from 2.0 list 

1 Move my pool table out of my duplex * it's out not in. was 47 done

2. attend two conventions that I have not attended before went to

3. See a live play at a community theater Covid 27

4. Take a cooking class 41 Soon

5. Get 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel  48 DONE 👍

6. See family in Ames 49 done 

7. Go to LA to see Nancy 57 Done

8. Paint something new on blank cave 63

9. Improve my speaking skills by going back to toastmasters 68

10. See a movie at a Drive-In Theater 75 done


11. Go to IKEA 84 Done

12. Take a boat ride down the Mississippi at least part of it 92 done 

Lifetime memberships I have a few that I'm going to list here 5 for this 

13 Join nature center Done

14 Join Gun Club Done

15 genealogy society done 

16 Masonic Lodge on the Moon done

17 Member-owner of more cooperatives Joined 1 already will join more Done

18 join a 501c8 fraternal group Done

19 Join Kiwanis  Not gonna happen

20 become a life member of the hospital auxiliary League $100 done

Tech & household upgrades

21 Setup FTA KU band Dish

22 Get fiber to my home  Done

23 Set up my rain barrel so it can collect rainwater Done ish

24 Get a multi-fuel portable generator

transfer switch get a whole home surge protector Done ish

25 expand my tool collection for both home computer and automobile. Done 

26.  plant a tree in my yard

27 ducts cleaned out

28 replace Storm doors done

29 living room window repair or replace

30 electric outlet  replace done

31 setup security camera system Done

32 Extend and expand the sidewalk 


33 organize diecast cars and document them

Health goals 10

 34 go to the gym at least 1 times a week

 35  get under 300 lb

 36 eat healthier meals consistently

37 walk every morning one mile 

38 Serve at least 5 meals at a church or soup kitchen

39 No stays/ visits in ICU ER etc… 

40 get a new pair of glasses  Done

41 get a medical bracelet and or alert system


42 Get enough MRE/ Free dried to have 2 weeks of food. Done 

 43 go to Mayo clinic for health research


YouTube & media blog  goals 10

44 Join the Clax Institute Done

45 Get 1000 subs and  get monetized done but NO $$$ yet :( got the subs and over 1k videos done ish.

46 publish a video every week or more often

47.Have a blog post weekly.

48 Do an update on this post every 100 days

1st one Link on 5-21-22

2nd one Link 8-29-22

3rd 12-7-22  Link 

4th 3-17-23 Link 

5th 6-25-23 Link 

6th 10-3-23 Link 

7th 1-11-2024 Link 

8th 4-20-2024 Soon :) 

49 create 3 more websites for self/biz Done +

50 set up an e-commerce website done 

51 Sell something on an online auction done  

52 digitize all family photos back up online

53 Clean up my Google Backups and make sure I know where everything is :) 

Educational  21

54 Take a CE class at library or  community college Done

55 Teach a CE class at library or CC

56 Get a whole greater courses series and watch as many as I can. 

57 Finish  NaNoWriMo hit 50k words 

58 365 photo  day photo challenge

 59 Do one book review a month

60  Create a self-portrait & or Take professional headshots Done

61  See a Broadway play/musical 

62 Write my own credo statement 

63 Finish ’50 questions to free your mind

64 do a sermon on the bill of rights and its importance

65 Get a gun  Done

66 Cook with Karen done

67 read 3 fiction books or more!

68 Eat a new meal at least once a week

69 go on a date done 

70 donate to Archive.org Done

71 self-published another book

72 Stay Chaplin at Masonic Lodge

 73 get a massage every month.

74 . Fill out the Big Book


Travel goals

75 See two more presidential libraries 

76 eat at fogo de chao chicago

77 Take a train trip around a sense area

78 head out to Boston

79 go to Decorah and  Norwegian Heritage Museum DONE


80 Go to cowboy church Done

81 go to a Quaker meeting 

82 Fairfield & Maharishi

83 Sabula Island town done

84 go to Des Moines & State Fair Done  

85 go to the field of dreams DONE

86 national motorcycle  museum  Done

87 Hobo Festival

88 go to a German Turner 

89 Go to a state that I have not been to before

90 Go apple picking 

Biz plans $$$$ goals  16

91 Get DBA & EIN & or LLC Done

92  get a PO BOX Done 

93 Hit my 40 social security points Done

94 Max Roth IRA contributions

95 Buy a prepaid burial plan. Done


96 200 oz silver

97  use the Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP or get my RSU): Done


98 buy a new Android smartphone Done

99 Get ads on Google etc.


100 get match in 401k

101 get a membership with the state library of Iowa Done


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