93 Hit my 40 social security points

93 Hit my 40 social security points Done

  I've worked long enough that I am eligible when I get Social Security age to get Social Security as well as Medicare 

"In 2022, you receive one credit for each
$1,510 of earnings, up to the maximum
of four credits per year.

Each year the amount of earnings
needed for credits goes up slightly as
average earnings levels increase. The
credits you earn remain on your Social
Security record even if you change jobs
or have no earnings for a while."
SSA.gov site

make sure you have 40 credits in SS. About 10 years of work. That should be easy to achieve. SS is very progressive. Once you qualify you get money. If you do not qualify, then no money. 

What that means in practical terms is that if you earn $1,360 from wages or salary income in 2019, you'll get a single Social Security credit. Workers will get the maximum four credits they can receive in 2019 as long as their total earnings for the year amount to at least $5,440. That's a small number compared to typical earnings, putting maximum credits for Social Security within reach of even those who earn low wages or who work on a part-time basis.


As you grow older, you'll typically need two Social Security credits per year on average in order to keep pace with the rising requirements for disability benefit coverage. That's just $2,720 per year in earnings in 2019, which most people can earn even through low-paying jobs or side gigs


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