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  So today is day 800 I just did some big updates and published some things on the side I tend to do them all in big batches to some of this stuff have been written quite a while ago and then I just kind of threw it in today and I don't know it's interesting I just like having everything kind of written and done and knocked out and I feel like I'm caught up with pretty much everything that I have completed I'll put a list of that at the bottom of this article and they should also see it on the links to the pages and stuff like that but hopefully this continues to go well my birthday is coming up I'm going to Chicago today they're actually having a  book sale will be in Spring one and then they'll have a fall one in the fall they have two a year so this is the big event I'm looking forward to it hopefully it will go well. my mother will be gone almost a year and a couple weeks it was a slow painful year but it also was a fast year it's a lot of weird

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66 Cook with Karen & 6. See family in Ames 49

45 Get 1000 subs and get monetized done but NO $$$ yet :( got the subs and over 1k videos done.

42 Get enough MRE/ freeze dried to have 2 weeks of food. Done

41 get a medical bracelet and or alert system

23 Set up my rain barrel so it can collect rainwater

20 become a life member of the hospital auxiliary League $100 done

15 genealogy society

16 Masonic Lodge on the Moon

54 Take a CE class at library or community college

97 use the Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP or get my RSU):