66 Cook with Karen & 6. See family in Ames 49

 66 Cook with Karen done

I want to eat healthier and cook more on my own Kirin has the skills and knowledge and background that that could happen so when I went to Ames that was one of the things we did.

 6. See family in Ames 49  

 this ties into cooking with Karen which is on the list slower I haven't been in Ames Iowa in over 6 years 2016 was my last time there. It was a really good time.   was really cool to go out there it's been part of the weekend with them to go shooting to cook to just have a different experience to spend the night somewhere I haven't spend the night anywhere since 2021 when I stated the other Aunt Karen's in Chicago hopefully I'll see them again you're talkin about maybe going in the spring fall and summer maybe you know 2 or 3 times a year I'd cm it was a good time I really enjoyed it

I went to Ames again  on 9-30-23 hopefully we can do a few day trips like a spring summer fall one or something like that


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