18. Join a 501c8 fraternal group I joined both Elks and Moose

I petition the Elks Lodge. My grandfather was a member. A majority of older male family members were members. It looks like an interesting social club. I put the $35 down back in April. I went to the meeting before they would vote me in around that time too. It's $94 a year. The meetings are okay but I'd rather go for the meals in the social stuff and that's where I'm going to focus more of my energy and time with that group. It would just be an alternate Masonic group with less educational philosophical aspects and more social things. The guy is the head of it was involved in a lot of Masonic activity and I've known him for 10 plus years. He still does some stuff with the Masons but he's focused on the elks. I'll see how all this goes.

 I joined both the moose and the Elks that was an interesting experience I'm going to write more about that too I had family that were Elks and I knew the guy who's the head of it plus his daughter and I've been working with them on you and improvements to the Elks local lodge.
 getting their website go in their phones working better all these different things so it's been a lot of my last hundred days but I'm glad I was able to work with them and get that going it's interesting to compare the Elks in the Masons in the Moose on what it takes to join with the expectations are what the activities are.

I joined the Moose but I have not done much with them 

The local Elks Lodge website that I setup https://www.crelks.com/ 



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