200th day update

I accomplished 30 of my 101 goals so far today is day 200 hopefully that list will continue to grow I think I can get another 10 knocked out by day 300.

1 Move my pool table out of my duplex * it's out not in. was 47 done

I joined the Elks Lodge in the last hundred days or so I've really gotten a fair amount out of that one of the big things is they have the garage sale and I managed to have someone come by pick up my old pool table and take that you get a donated sold whatever and I'm just happy to get rid of that thing it had it for probably the last 20 years of my life it was at my parents house and then it came to my duplex and now I just want the space freed up for other storage and utilization so I'm glad I was able to get that accomplished.

5. Get 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel  48 DONE 👍

 this happened within my first hundred days I was blessed by the YouTube algorithm to get a lot of use my high-speed video at over 27,000 views I would from under a hundred subscribers almost 400 and now I'm over 450 subscribers and it's going good and I'm happy about it it'd be cool if by the year's out I'm able to be monetized and have a successful Channel I already like but I've done though I appreciate the continent created and my videos are all about a minute or lessI'm just focusing on the short ones

6. See family in Ames 49 done 

 this ties into cooking with Karen which is on the list  I haven't been in Ames Iowa in over 6 years 2016 was my last time there. It was a really good time.

10. See a movie at a Drive-In Theater 75 done

 I went with abuddy to  Maquoketa and   when we went there  a theater nearby called  Theater 61 we checked out.  https://www.61-driveintheatre.com/  

13 Join nature center Done 

I wrote a lot about joining this Nature Center I'll just say I have a life membership and it's something I'd wanted to do for a while

14 Join Gun Club Done

 I joined a Sportsman's Club for a life membership of around $200. 


17 Member-owner of more cooperatives Joined 1 already will join more  Done but still adding more


18 join a 501c8 fraternal group Done I joined 2


 I joined both the Moose and the Elks that was an interesting experience I'm going to write more about that too I had family that were Elks too. I setup a website for the local lodge https://www.crelks.com/ 


24 Get a multi-fuel portable generator done 



40 get a new pair of glasses  Done


I got my 1st new pair of Glasses since 2018 so almost 4 years later! 






44 Join the Clax Institute Done


 I have an unlimited data 5G hotspot backup 


49 create 3 more websites for self/biz Done


 I set up 3 websites and I will probably  set up more of them is https://www.screenconnect.info/   another one is https://www.crelks.com/  etc 






65 Get a gun  Done

 I got  a gun it's a Ruger SR22  


66 Cook with Karen done

I want to eat healthier and cook more on my own Karen has the skills and knowledge and background that that could happen so when I went to Ames that was one of the things we did.


70 donate to Archive.org Done


I've given money to this group I really value all the different content that I can get downloaded books music all kinds of content it is really truly an archive of culture and content and stuff like that it is really worth it



79 go to Decorah and  Norwegian Heritage Museum DONE


I am part Norwegian so it was very important and interesting to go to this place I went there on my birthday with a buddy of mine I may go again when they have a festival or something they have a replica Viking ship in the museum and the museum is nicer than the Swedish museum in Chicago.



80 Go to cowboy church Done

This was a one-and-done experience for me really did not have much to do with Cowboys or hats or that culture was really just a fire-and-brimstone church it was heavily dominated by that guy's family and was just kind of an out of the World experience.


83 Sabula Island town done

  This is the only Island in Iowa I had never been there before. 


84 go to Des Moines & State Fair 

 I went was the Iowa State Fair which I hadn't gone to since 2019 I went in 2022 to here it was a fun time


85 go to the field of dreams DONE

 I think I'd gone to this Museum or the Field of Dreams once in my life if the vague memory but I went here again I got the tour I got the magnet I guess the whole shebang within the house I haven't really walked on the ground too much but it's on my radar to do that before the snow on the weather really changes the weather was snowing bad that day and it was why we didn't go walk around it or and the gift shop was closed.


86 national motorcycle  museum  Done

 this is an Anamosa to Iowa j&p cycles was a huge employer there in part of it they created this museums honor their collection and have is the whole motorcycle collection it's a cool place they really have a diverse array of motorcycles and we'll wait out Museum it's an old Walmart it was converted into a museum.


91 Get DBA & EIN & or LLC Done

 I now have knowledge and experience on how to set up an EIN in an LLC and all that I also got a registered agent so I can keep my information private and still have the LLC and do that https://www.iowaregisteredagent.com/ 


92  get a PO BOX Done 

 I feel that post office box is a really valuable for privacy especially if you don't live in a big city like Cedar Rapids but you have a Cedar Rapids PO box then you can have more privacy or accessibility run businesses maybe even put your name on it some of the time so you can keep a lower profile it's in useful tool they have and I'm glad I got one


93 Hit my 40 social security points Done

 I've worked long enough that I am eligible when I get Social Security age to get Social Security as well as Medicare 


98 buy a new Android smartphone Done

I bought my Google 6 pixel Pro pixel 6 in the best phone I've ever owned


101 get a membership with the state library of Iowa Done

I have a membership with the state library now can never have too many library memberships :) 



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