Day 500 update

The last 100 days have been some of the most emotionally draining that I have ever experienced. I'm still employed my job's fine. My rental units fine. My tech business is actually growing which is cool and I'm looking at ways to take that into a new and good direction. I have several positives going on right now.

The negatives I felt bad health wise. The main reason I've been having this stuff I think is mental and psychological issues. My mother died in May and we were very close and it's been very hard on me losing her. I am just exhausted and drained from all that I'm working this weekend. The clean my house. I haven't really cleaned it since she passed.

I know she wants me to be happy, healthy and have a good life ahead of me. She was almost 70 years old and I just turned 32 or so right around when she passed away. It had been over 40 years that my parents have been married so there's just been a lot going on with where everybody was at in life and what's the future holds?

Hopefully at my next 100 day update I'll still be employed at the corporation I work at. Hopefully still fully remote or at least flexibly remote where it's more time home than that. That Dad is still alive that I'm still alive. Everybody's healthy and happy and yeah we just keep moving forward.

Last thing I'm going to say is I'm switching over my domains. They were on Google domains and those I'm not going to renew and that also includes this site. It's going to be around for another 5 years but by the time my 101 goes are done I'm going to just have this on internet archive. I believe I'll just set it there so then that way you'll be preserved. But I don't have to tie up the domain name or my money into this and then maybe my fourth version of this. I'll do it on my tech consulting site. We'll see. It will be interesting how it will pan out and move forward. Let's make the most of this time we have though. Have a great weekend!


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