The last 100 days have also been very life-changing We buried mom we had her family come in we all took a shovel load and covered her cremains it's been a really hard summer losing her that's definitely been the worst part of Summer. 

I had a physical and I'm 350 lb the highest that I've ever been in life I'm wanting to work on reducing that and getting it under 300 a lot of factors of variables are play with that. 

For my day job I just applied for another job internally (I applied today) to be a support specialist that would deal internally with technical issues in regards to e-commerce support right now im in a customer facing role right now and more comfortable with that in verse in that but I thought I would give this a shot and just see I really want to just stay one day at the office I don't want to go any more than that I would rather just stay in my current job and go to another job if that was the requirements so we'll see how everything pans out in that regard.

 I am sick right now I have like a allergies or some such thing it started when I took the bus home last week from the office and then I walked on the nature trail for about a few miles and that kicked my ass.

I spent the weekend in Ames Iowa seeing mom's sister She has two dogs one new puppy And I think the my allergies are already sensitive and that's just what it on fire we did spend the night but at the American Inn I think going forward dad and I could just go on a day trip and that would be sufficient without spending the money or all that time but it was a good trip down memory lane as growing up we would go there a few times a year and stay at the hotel and swim and all that but now since I belong to a gym that has a pool that seems a little unnecessary. 

 I helped her get her scanner going that I bought some time ago it's an Epson v39 scanner so that's a decent one I use it personally for my photo scanning and hopefully she will be able to utilize it a fair amount she has a 13-year-old MacBook Pro so it was giving her some technical problems but I think overall she'll be able to make it work and hopefully scan some photos and have that as a tool I don't know if I would do photo after photo.

 I'm also looking at doing a Little Free Library again this one would be at a Unitarian Universalist Church it would be a band Book Library I think that would be pretty cool we just had our first meeting today as well so it's interesting how this is the 600 day of my 101 goals for 1,001 days I will have fewer tomorrows than yesterday's within the realm of this goal so hopefully overall in life I have many more tomorrows.

 it's hard for me to fill the void that mom had though there was just a lot of stuff that her and I could talk about to do that I really haven't found somebody like that I mean I found multiple people that I can talk to certain things with but just the things that she did it's really left unfillable void 🙁 We shut down mom cellphone number and changed her Gmail and Facebook passwords.

I can no longer buy domain names at Google domains I've cut over most of my domains to either Cloudflare or namecheap since those are options that are operating it's more of a pain to set up like Google sites or blogger sites which are my free sites that I like to utilize there but I feel like I've been getting sharper and better at configuration of that so hopefully going forward it will be smooth sailing doing that. I took a sewing class I'm going to probably take a dance class at some point the sewing class is on mending. I also traveled some over the summer I went to Chicago we stayed at a Super 8 with Dad he is 50th class reunion we also went to the Wisconsin Dells with some family and that was fun so there's been a lot of good things that have happened and there's just been a lot of processing that I've had to do on a lot of feelings and on a lot of things within my life.

One of the coolest toys that I have gotten in the last 100 days has been the Anbernic RG35XX I have a ton of preloaded games on it that range from PS1 to NES etc I love the GBA game the Urbz It just a game that I have loved for the last 20 years.

This is my last 100 day update for 2023 it will be January of 2024 when I do my next one here is to another 100

days :)


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