42 Get enough MRE/ freeze dried to have 2 weeks of food. Done

 This ties into number 23 pretty well food and water are pretty important you can actually go longer without food than water but I still think it's important to have a minimum of a 72-hour bug out bag ideally two weeks of additional food and water and then 3 months if something lasts longer than 3 months society's probably totally collapsed and ain't coming back but it doesn't hurt to have these resources in this food and and and water and all that stuff some of them are the MRE kit some of it you can just buy like white rice and other things just to kind of stockpile and have most of the stuff will go up in value just because of the food inflation cost the last few years so the minimum it's going to hold its value and it's going to be something that you can eat and drink I feel the same way with one's Homestead and main house you know it's nice to have a 401k and it's always worth contributing to the matching amount but you can't sleep in that you're not going to have a roof over your head per se we're having your own Sovereign Homestead will give you more of that freedom.


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