700 day update

Today is the 700th day for my 101 goals for 1001 days. It's also the 248th day in a row that I have written in my 750 words.com journal. There's been a lot that's happened the last 100 plus days or so since I did my update last. 

Worldwide there was the whole October 7th  Israel thing and since I work for a company with close ties to Israel that's impacted us some. It's interesting to see how divisive and intense and angry people get about all this. It's interesting to see how much people hate Jews overall because I think a lot of them had a mask of tolerance. But then after this they just really go after Jews and just hate on them and all the violence and such. It's been directed their way, but that's enough about that topic. 

I'm really grateful to be an America and to have the opportunities that I have. I have an appreciation of capitalism and opportunity that is here. I don't think people understand or value their history at all and understand why their families came here and what America symbolized and what you can do here compared to other places because now it just seems like a lot of people just bitch  and wine and want government money or some other thing that help their feelings or let them eat or something like that. Which is fine if you really don't want to work, but I feel like no matter how much disability  checks or other such subsidies you give, you still need to have people who are productive members of society that keep the lights on such as the utility workers, the internet going the food for people to eat. I would agree that half the economy in the United States is artificial and a scam and doesn't really benefit people like the finance, dude, bros and a lot of the other goofy. Weird things a rounds here but you know it's still opportunities.

The weather out has been pretty bad this week the second week in January I haven't been to the office or whole week here and hopefully tomorrow, Friday the 12th. I won't be in the office either so I have a whole week off again. I've been working fully remote. We've been hanging out in the g room, the jeep party room or whatever you want to call it. That's the Google meet room and I've enjoyed that. I really like the team that I'm on.

 I was really worried about the new team leader that we got because I've been with the same boss for 2 years and we got a long really well so then it was hard to change up that but so far we've gotten along good and I think that will be able to find common ground and work together because that's what I like to do. I don't want fights, drama etc. 

I'm grateful I got eight to five banker hours. A lot of the people I work with now the new hires. They're working till at least 7 or 10:00 at night. And yeah neither of those hours appeal to me at all. They don't even really have much market demand to justify those guys working then, but whatever that's what management wants. 

I put a note in my last one my last update. I had a lot more thrill stuff in that the 601 I lost that game boy thing the 35 XR whatever it was called. I have no idea where that ended up. I think it's somewhere around the house but hopefully it still is and nobody stole it but it was cool. That job I applied for internally within the company rolling motivated me to never apply for anything ever again internally because it was so poorly delivered. They wouldn't even give me an interview. All I got was here's your worst interaction that you had last year and you suck. That was basically what they told me and that was so lame and annoying and anger in that. I'm done applying for something unless someone seeks me out explicitly will say hey you work fully remote. There's no BS and you're going to make more money than I would apply. But I think for that job I would have been a better qualified candidate than a lot of people for it. But whatever you don't even want to hear my voice or give me that opportunity to apply then wonder why I'm angry and disengaged and annoyed. But they did promote a sandwich artist. Some woman who worked at a fast food place making footlongs or something got another one of these rolls. They were promoting people left and right internally for these things and there were some people that required and then there were some people that did a lot of fraud and did a lot of crooked stuff. And we're not the ideal people that you would put for this type of position. But I warned a lot about where to apply effort and emotion and it was not within this type of working environment that I will just do what I need to do to get paid and try to enrich people's lives. But I'm not going to be as vested into this so it was interesting to see how that all panned out. It didn't go the worst way it could which would have been me getting fired but it was definitely on the lower end of things, but that's pretty much businesses usual once I get hired at a place. I don't remember ever having an opportunity to interview anywhere even when I applied for internal promotions. They just always treated me like I was some sub human phone monkey that was not valued or respective until after I got fired or quit and it took three people to do the job that I did and I don't know if I feel like I should work that way. You know and you know haterade and Rachel Hall are pretty powerful fuels and I've had that fuel me for most of my life. But then when you're when you're running on that it doesn't take a big spark to have that thing. Just burn. I just have like a flamethrower of that. Just scorched earth hate so anyhow it's interesting. Just thinking about all that experience and foods like that domains too. I talked about not using Google domains and they've seen a big market trap too since they've been sold

I went to the ER to have my heart checked out. Luckily it was okay so I was happy about that but I was just in a lot of pain and I think it was a combination of. I did a lot of physical labor. I train some stuff I had and then towing emotional issues from this being the first Christmas that my mother not with us. She always loved Christmas. So yeah, so we got all those factors at play and we'll just see how things are going for 2024.

I've gotten into a lot more local media stuff such as like local MP3 players for music. I have CDs for musicians I like. I bought them just to support him, burn them to my computer and have that locally on my device. My Android phone then I have just some other content I've looked at. You can rip DVDs that you own and set them up for digital mp4 files. I believe that is legal so that's been interesting. Just to work on and understand but actually having that physical media on your hard drives really takes up a lot of space.

The Iowa Republican caucuses are next week as well, so a lot of interesting political stuff coming up here.

Last night I went to dinner with Mom's best friend and some other friends. It was a nice meal. That was the first time I saw her since mom celebration of life. So it was good to have that meow and see them and do all that

This was minimally edited from being verbally dictated through. Talk to text as 750 words for me. It was my post for the day. I always like to keep it real 🙂


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