5. Get 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel 48

So this happened for me on May 2nd, 2022. My YouTube channel really started taking off and getting a lot more views and a lot more subscriptions and all that stuff. So that's been really cool. I'm really kind of happy that it's going that way. I've been taking videos and doing two or three a day and really enjoying and having a fun time with it. Hopefully I can continue to do that and continue to grow the channel at a good clip. I'd have to get $240,000 hours a year to make it. Monetizable and have 1,000 subscribers. I think I can hit the 1000 subscribers, but I think the viewable hours is where I can run into some challenges. That's a lot of time

Thank you all for your support and views. Like all that stuff it's been a really fun journey and today I'm already passed 200 subscribers as of May 15th which is awesome. Some of my videos are getting over $15,000 almost 20,000 views.


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