1st 100 days update

what's been accomplished? Where am I at? What numbers am I at?

My goal is to have this all set up and going by my first 100 days just like FDR knocked out a lot of stuff in his first 100 days. I would like mine to be very productive and get a lot of these goals accomplished

I am at 313 subs with my youtube channel as of today. 

I feel that I accomplished a lot in my first 100 days of 101 goals for 1001 days I have 19 goals accomplished.

I completed everything from getting an LLC EIN, and PO box going to buying a multifuel generator. Getting a life membership joining another co-op doing some new social activities.

It was really kind of fitting because yesterday marked the last day before my 100th day. I've definitely been at work for over 90 days now and I'm closing it on a hundred. I went to a huge work party, something I had never been to before and it was the first time the company I'm working at had something at Iowa which is really fun. I took a COVID test before and it came back negative.

I'm even working on organizing my basement. I have lists of things I want to accomplish within the next 100 days. joining a 501c8 or joining the elk's

I also want to go to a Quaker worship service and a cowboy church service over that time. I'd like to at least have one trip to Des Moines if not more. I am looking forward to getting additional things accomplished on the list. I'm not sure. I'll get another 20 knocked off right off the bat, but I am glad that I set this
precedent in accomplishing as many things as I did. I did my taxes and checked my social security points and I hit enough that I got my 40 so that's good. I want to still be employed at the same place at this time. Looking forward to next 100 days 1st 100 have been great :) 


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