86 national motorcycle museum

 86 national motorcycle  museum 

I went to this with a buddy of mine on a Sunday in March it's in Anamosa Iowa and I really loved going to Anamosa Iowa and the trunk County area there's just a lot of trees and it's just a really peaceful nice place to go also a good place to get your license renewed if you're in the Eastern Iowa area they're really responsive respectful and they're the Anyhow the museum itself really cool it was founded by the guy who founded JP Cycles which was a huge employer in Anamosa set until he sold out and it got shipped all the texts but they still have the museum and it's in an old Walmart off the highway any type of motorcycle you can dream of you pretty much fine there it's a really cool place to be I really enjoyed it.  I also went to the antique automobile museum of Iowa which is in Johnson County and it's really cool it's kind of the opposite of this place though because the vehicles that are in the Iowa Museum or mostly owned by private individuals and on-loan where most of the vehicles or motorcycles at this Museum in Anamosa were owned by the Museum's founder.



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