20 become a life member of the hospital auxiliary League $100 done

  I've had a lot of dealings with this Hospital most of which have been good considering their outcomes except for this is also the same hospital where my mother died but she was Dead on Arrival so it wasn't really anything there and I think they tried to do what they could but so that's been interesting just going there and they have some fundraisers and other social events and things and I will probably do more with this in the future but right now I just thought for a hundred bucks and having a wife membership this is a place that I wanted to contribute to you for the long-term it's almost been a year since my mother passed away too I'm writing this on day 800 of my 101 goals and that is April 20th 2024 she passed away May 4th 2023 it's been a hard year. https://www.mercycare.org/volunteer-opportunities/auxiliary/ 


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