1 year later!!!

I have 40 done within the first year. Some of these get completed right at the end because I want to have it done consistently throughout the 1001 days. Some of these will just take more time and some may never get done.

This is a hodgepodge of a to-do list to dream list and just an overall kind of goals list. I always enjoy making these and dreaming them up. I'm already starting my next list and will keep building them. I want to do this for quite a while in my life. I like to do it in perpetuity so I always have something to look forward to and something to strive to and all that stuff. And it's pretty cool that within the first year or so I managed to knock out a lot of the goals you know. I think the next year plus I'll keep doing this and I'll keep thinking about these but they'll be more of a challenge. Some of them where I could just throw money at it and buy a membership or do something along. Those lines wasn't as challenging as certain tasks in certain activities and all that stuff.

2022 is a great year for me. I got colvin at the tail end of 22 for the first time ever and then the seer in February. Right now actually I've been fairly sick with a stomach flu. Hopefully I'll be getting over that and doing better. But 2 years ago today was when I had my last seizure. I ended up in the ICU on a ventilator for a week. Ended up losing my own job and just a lot of things spiraled out of control for me at that time. A year ago I started my job at my current employer. I'm going to get one fourth of my restricted stock units in the next month or so for I don't know some sort of onboarding employee thing that they offered. I've never worked at a publicly traded company before.

I hope the next 365 years or years and days are going to be great. Hopefully you enjoyed this stream of consciousness with me. And yeah we'll just see where this journey takes us and I'm it over 800 and almost 30 subscribers on YouTube which is really cool. So hopefully I'll be it 1,000 for the years of the summer's out and then maybe even at the point where I could be monetized before the years out. But we'll see. We'll just see how everything goes. There's a lot of variables and a lot of factors that play for that. I do like this raw unedited text and ideas and this is what talk to text can do and this is where we are. It's a cold snowy bad weather day in Iowa and I'm very grateful that I can work from home and I've only left the house two or three times in the month of February I've mostly been in. 

Here's to the next year 🙂


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