101 goals in 1001 days 2.0


This is my 2nd attempt at this I got the full list filled out so that is a start :)
Once January 2022 hits I will start my 3rd list for this too. It will NEVER end till I die always something to do and look forward too!

The list of the 1st 15 were ones that I wanted to do on my original list but I did not do them or I revised a few a bit

For years, I’ve seen 101 in 1001 lists floating around the blogging world. A cross between a bucket list and new year’s resolutions, a 101 in 1001 list is basically a list of 101 concrete things you hope to accomplish in 1,001 days (which is approximately 2.75 years).

Day Zero Project • The Home of the 101 Things in 1001 Days Project


Bold= Done
Start date
April 22nd 2019

End date Monday
January 17, 2022

57 Done 

1. pay off 3rd of my duplex mortgage Done
2.  Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over Done
3.  Get CPR & or First Aid Certified Done
4. Take an adult ed  and or U of I classDone ish  
5. try a new food every month that I haven't eaten before.
6. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day Done
7. Go fishing with  Jim C
8. Go to clear lake or okoboji
9. Draft and get notarized a living will POA etc  Done
10. attend two  conventions that I have not attended before went to 1 CWA event. Landlords of Iowa Done 
11. buy a new stock bought BRKB  Done
12. make a full meal for my family by myself
13. Buy or get  a plant and don't kill it Done 
14. Listen to every CD I own once all the way through Done Ish
15. 101 things that I value the most. Done
16. Get a tattoo Done 
17. Go through and get rid of all my things in my parent's housDone!!!
18. Make 3 DIY projects for the home
19. Organize all files on computer and in filing cabinet
20. Eat Vegan for a day
21. Make a budget and savings plan & stick to it  Done  
22. Go to the Iowa State Fair for 3 years 2019 Covid 2/3 cant do
23. Give a 100% tip Done 
24. Create and maintain a perpetual calendar of birthdays & events in my life Done
25. Create and maintain a plan for health
26. Have a no spend month.*
27. See a live play at a community theater Covid 
28. Donate over $100 to 3 Charities I believe in. (0/3) I have done this
29. volunteer at least 10 hours for a cause I believe in. (10/10) Done 
30. Attend a religious service of a religion I’ve never been to before. Did that with zoom Done
31. Visit all Midwest presidential libraries with Karen within 500 miles
32. Create a complete home inventory list
33. Identify and simplify 10 things that stress me out
34. Identify and fix 10 daily/weekly annoyances
35. Celebrate my 30th birthday April 2021 Done
36. Go to 10th anniversary high school reunion  Done
37. Hang a mistletoe on my door
38. Buy the person’s coffee behind me in the Starbucks line.
39. Mail someone a surprise package
40. Get set up on a blind date (not an app meetup)
41. Take a cooking class
42. Learn the 3rd section of the 1st degree
43. Throw away/donate 30 things and do not replace them Done 
44. Set a five to ten-year “plan” (work goals, financial goals, etc.
45. Learn at least one useful handyman skill
46. Learn at least one useful health skill Done
47. Move my pool table into my duplex Done
48. Get 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel  
49. See family in Ames
50. Send out a printed Xmas card at least once Done
51. Erect a hammock
52. Take off my shoes when I get home I already do this done
53. Make Mom a memory book Done 
54. Deed my body to the U of I fill out paperwork Iowa Donor Network Done ish 
55. Give my hair for locks of love Cant do it  Link  Done
56. Give my Britannica Encyclopedia to great cousin Done
57. Go to LA to see Nancy
58. Download burn and watch at least 10 public domain movies Done
59. See a movie in a Theater Done
60. Expand my base of friends Done
61. Get back my ability to drive and maintain it Done !
62. Get a whole home antenna system Done 
63. Paint something new on blank cave
64. Get a big old truck I may just share one with dad. 
65. Make more and better content online  Done
66. Get a scholarship fund started for AAS @CC for HS student  
67. Write a nonfiction book Done 
68. Improve my speaking skills by going back to toastmasters
69. Stay employed with current employer Done ish... 
70. Go to at least one alumni events a year  Done 
71. Learn to use an outdoor grill DONE
72. Create a bathroom in the basement I do Not think I will do this.
73. Upgrade something not listed in the duplex Done
74. See family in Chicago Done 
75. See a movie at a Drive-In Theater
76. Take all of my phone numbers that are important and put them in a document somewhere Done
77. Go on a boat
78. Find a new doctor PCP Done 
79. Treat myself to a full spa day… Massage, facial, the works
80.Buy burial plots Done
81. Forgive yourself for mistakes Done
82. Splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime meal at one of the world’s best restaurants.
83. Join REI Co-op Done
84. Go to IKEA
85. give Mindi a Laptop Done
86. Limit time spent on non productive stuff
87. See or at least hear back from Dr. P Letter sent. Done
88. get my parents both window 10 laptops 1/2 done Dad got one 
89. Get fidelity 2% credit card
90. Roll over 401k put it in a IRA  Done
91. Ride in or crew for a hot air balloon
92. Take a boat ride down the Mississippi at least part of it
93. Keep my duplex rented Done
94. Get a used washer and dryer  Done
95. get a new refrigerator for both units Done
96. Join the county History society Done
97. Get an oral history project going Kind of
98. Start a YouTube channel and Podcast WealthPlex Done 
99. Post at least 1 new post to this websites each week before the time is up. I get to it when I get to it ;)
100. make enough money online to make it self sufficient Done ish 
101. Eat at least one size of veggies a day


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