101 goals in 1001 days 1.0

This was my 1st attempt at 101 Goals for 1001 days.

It was interesting that I started writing these goals right after AnimeIowa in 2015. I was almost one year into a job that I would stay at till February of 2018 then in  April of 2018, When I got my good union Telecom  job.

 I still lived at my parents house when I started this list. I had not moved to my apartment downtown nor had I bought my Duplex. 
I did not even finish the list so how good of a job could I do on this if I half assed the list. 

Time frame 
Start Sunday, July 26, 2015 
End  Sunday, April 22, 2018

I did a year in between when I was not working on this but after I ended up in the ER in March 2019 and with some health problems  I thought it would be good to start a new goal list.

But after reflecting on my list I think both this list and my current one have some half assed filler goals that I don't really care about and just put on them list. 

For years, I’ve seen 101 in 1001 lists floating around the blogging world. A cross between a bucket list and new year’s resolutions, a 101 in 1001 list is basically a list of 101 concrete things you hope to accomplish in 1,001 days (which is approximately 2.75 years). 
Day Zero Project • The Home of the 101 Things in 1001 Days Project

If its BOLD its Done
I have done 21 out of 58 goals... 

1) buy a duplex
Bought one in October of 2018 about 6 months after this goal.
Its a ranch side by side in the small town I wanted to live in.

2) write in 750words.com for 10 days straight.
I wrote in here for over 375 days in a row that ended in November of 2017

3) Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
Have not really done that watched a lot of movies but

4) Expand my vocabulary by 100 words
I get those emails from Webster's Word of the day
Have not done much with it I think I have just picked up jargon and other words as
I have worked in telecom.

5) Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over

I have used futureme.org to do this but not sure if I set one up for the right date.
It's easy to do and I will do it right this time

6) Have an AnimeIowa Reunion with some friends
I went the last time in July 2017 when they had it in Iowa City area
I do still go to Icon Iowa and have not missed a year
I will also go to gamicon both are at the Cedar Rapids Marriott

In 2020 AnimeIowa is coming back to Coralville Marriott it did not happen and I did not go in 2021 

7). Go a month keep close track of the money I spend & where...
All my bills are on auto pay so I should check that out.
See what I'm really spending

8) pay off my car
It's been paid off

9) Get CPR & or First Aid certified
I think this is something
I can do at work now but I have not done it

Got it done on 4/18/19

10) go skydiving
Not sure if I want to do this

11) Do a run/walk for a cause
I did this I did the breast cancer walk with Devon when I lived downtown. I may do it again.

12) Take an adult ed  and or U of I class.
I took that network plus class I am glad that I did not take the network + exam fall 2017.
If I had my network + certification I would have bid on the 2nd shift IT job.
instead of staying in the customer service day job I have now.

13) try a new food every month that i haven't eaten before.
I would like to do this

101 things that I value the most.
I have list and ideas for local shopping and anti consumerism

Have a massage & facial
I have had the massage part done at the gym spa it's been good.

16) pet a dog
Kind of done that

17) take the megabus into Chicago on my own
I would still like to do this I did it once before in 2013

I did this 2 times in 2021 but it was a greyhound 

18) see a professional improv show
would still like to do this

19) Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

would still like to do this I think I have but dont remember

20) Achieve my ideal weight

would still like to do this but I eat too much

21) Go fishing with   Jim C
would still like to do this  I did go on free fishing day with friends in CR in summer of 2018.
I bought some $5 poles at Paul's in Iowa City before they closed.

22) cubs game
I have been to 3 so far I believe 1st one was in the fall of 2015.
I do not think I will go to one again now you need an App and their is a lot of fun stuff in Chicago beside baseball.
I like minor league games and been to Iowa Cubs other teams around the state.

23) meet a partner who is my intellectual equal & around my age
Still working on this but I do not put much effort into this

24) tricycles see if  I really dig it.
I'm off the Cedar Valley Bike Trail I should go bike or at least own one. A friend of mine said I can borrow his. then he told me I was too fat.

25) ride at least part of RAGBRAI
I did see it when it was in some nearby towns

26) learn how to change a flat tire
haven't had to deal with that much but did think about joining Union Plus AAA like program

27) ride on a boat.

on my new list

28) tour a brewery  that I have not been to
I have done this

29) clear lake or okoboji
Have not gone here yet

30) Listen to every CD I own once all the way through
Have not listened to them all yet

31) listen that is in a genre that i dont usually listen too

32) spend an afternoon at a Cedar Rapids  museum
I went with a buddy of mine and did get a Dell icon and my grant wood image
that I recently replaced with Warhol

33) take the acting or another improve  class at TCR

I did enjoy my two improve classes may do this acting class just for fun.

I think I am done with this group for now. 

34) go to a music concerts
I have been to a few dozen uptown Friday Nights over the years.

35)  Draft and get notarized a living will
The lawyers I have used for my real estate legal stuff I will do this.

36) be an Effective Altruist & donate $100 to a fitting organization
I will give more money to 501c3 but to less pompous ass ones as this

37) read verbatim a dozen books
I have read a good number of books and chapters

38) buy A TV
Bought a new Samsung one in October of 2016 from Sam's club right when I moved in to Downtown

39) attend 2 conventions that I have not attended before

still need to do

40) paint a room

still need to do

41) buy a new stock
I have a few ideas for some but I have not bought a new stock in like 10 years just reinvest in mutual funds

42) Move out of my parents house

I moved to a one bedroom apt downtown in fall of 2016. Then bought my dream duplex in
October of 2018. 90% of my stuff has been moved out of their place.

43) buy a piece of art.

I did this I have a Warhol  piece on my kitchen wall.

44) maintain my gym and heath routine
I used to go 3 times a week now its barley once a week. I am going to get back into it.
At my old job I paid under $15 month
now its closer to $100 with everything since I do not get the corporate discount.

45) make something with my own hands.
I have made some stuff just nothing cool

46) take the  time to listen to someone that I really don't want to listen too.
I do this a lot even when I am not getting paid to do so.

47) make a full meal for my family by myself
done this yet Have not do

48) take an hour & look Thu some recipe book

still need to do

49) make a book of my favorite meals.

still need to do

50) visit Iowa city  every other month
I go to that county also every work day if I'm driving I should be able to do this almost every month
I did not do this as much as I would have liked/.

51) meet 5 new people my own age than seem interesting
I have done that with a lot of the camping workers that are in Iowa and other social groups like the Jaycees.

52) 1-2 new social events a month
I feel like I do this at some times and another

53) take a train ride
took Amtrak to DC but that was in 2013

54) try a new vegetable
I have done that many times

55) shave everyday

I have never done that and I do not think I will

56) com my hair
I do that most days now...

57)  paint something

still need to do

58) plant & grow something
still need to do


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